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The classical model of emergent of consciousness which has formed one of the foundation of Physics has a property which arose from a structured configuration of quanta in phase space. Such structured computer is a classical model of information from the brain. In quantum model of the emergent of consciousness, one can postulate that consciousness is a physically detectable quantum substance which does not need an abstract body to exist as implied by “Orch OR” which is a theory of the emergent of consciousness as a quantum mechanical phenomena. 

The line graph above shows the global search interest comparing data science, machine learning, consciousness and quantum.

Explanation video of the role of consciousness in everyday life and it’s connection to the brain and reality.

To understand the relation between spirituality and science, one first needs a review of a controversial 20-year-old theory of consciousness published in Physics of Life Reviews claims that consciousness derives from deeper level, finer scale activities inside brain neurons. This theory is called “orchestrated objective reduction” (‘Orch OR’) and was first put forward in the mid-1990s by eminent mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose, FRS, Mathematical Institute and Wadham College, University of Oxford, and prominent anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, MD, Anesthesiology, Psychology and Center for Consciousness Studies, The University of Arizona, Tucson. The recent discovery of quantum vibrations in “microtubules” inside brain neurons corroborates this theory, according to review authors Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose. They suggest that EEG rhythms (brain waves) also derive from deeper level microtubule vibrations, and that from a practical standpoint, treating brain microtubule vibrations could benefit a host of mental, neurological, and cognitive conditions.

The Orch OR theory shows that before the fabric of spacetime that there was consciousness, for what is existence without an observer to take-note of something in existence and what is an observer without something in existence to take-note of? Why take-note?

The key things to note here are the observer, take-notes, and the thing(s) in existence. Without this 3 things in play, it is my hypothesis that the universe has no physical existence but instead the material universe is a physical state out of the other possibilities of existence as quantum mechanics says, if physical state exist then non physical state exist but not observed whenever observation is made.

To go further into Orch OR Theory, it means that consciousness and information exist at every single point in spacetime, or consciousness is outside spacetime. It also means that energy and spacetime must emerge from consciousness which makes Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics consistent.

It follows from the quantum theory of the brain and psychology that the feeling of love, happiness, peace, and so on are observables (operators) which can be experimentally probed modeling the state of the brain as a composite quantum system. Thus, It is important for you and I as observers of our state of mind to learn self mastery through self-observation, self regulatory of energies in any environment. To learn how you can be in synchronicity with your environment see Six powerful lessons for achieving ‘First Class’ mental health at work by John Crowley.

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