Library Introduction

Quantumics code(written mainly in python) enables you to run your code on different processors and then pick the most efficient processors to use for different algorithms in your code. Thus, optimizing computational speed of the global process. One code format works for all types of processors and future processors that may develop in the field of classical computing and quantum computing.

Why You Need This API

  • Processing Unit Agnostic(QPU/GPU/CPU)
  • Manufacturer Agnostic(DWave/IBM/Microsoft)
  • Lowers organization risks due to processing unit disruption(you will be wasting energy and resources writing pure classical codes these days)
  • Building Quantum Algorithms, Data Science, & Artificial Intelligence Solutions.
  • Engineering Quantum Materials, Chemistry, etc.

Who Needs This API

  • Quantum Scientists & other STEM professionals
  • Data Scientists & Machine Learning Engineers
  • Nanotechnologists and Bionanotechnologists
  • Developers Interested in taking developing on processing unit agnostic Quantum and Classical applications
  • Organisations with need for fast real time big data processing unit. Eg: Banks & Telecommunication companies.

API Reference


Dreamtors 1

Process Agnostic Quantum Classical Computing

Quantumics is a python library that remove the risk post by the Neven’s Law, recent and future developments in Computer Science and Technology by abstracting away the effect of the diversity of QPUs, CPUs manufacturers. 

The correspondence between classical hardware and economy impact of technology is called Moore’s Law. which states that the economic impact of classical processors doubles every year. Unfortunately, we have advanced far enough and we are currently at the end of Moore’s Law and making technologies any faster and efficient will require us to change the way we think as we enter the quantum realm. The equivalent of Moore’s law for the quantum era is the so-called Neven’s Law. Neven’s Law states that every year the economy impact of technology on the society squares of the previous year every yearly interval. The table and graph below shows a tabular form of these technology-economics law.

Quantumics Effect

Quantumics software library smoothen out the transition between Moore’s classical hardware economic and technology impact, and Neven’s Quantum hardware economic and technology impact as shown in the yellow curve above and in the diagram below.