Introduction to Quantum Data Science (PRE SERIES)

Greetings to the peruser, 

This is part 2 of my conversation with a chemist on “Introduction to Quantum Data Science”. The target in the conversation is a scientific audience. But I hope non-scientific audience find it interesting and understandable.
Please note that this is just a test practice of the actual production resources & series which will be published on a weekly basis.



ABOUT ME: I am a ONE STONE kill all birds kind of person. This means I am always trying to use one principle(equation, etc) that unifies all walks of life. One knowledge that one can use and be valuable in all aspects of life. From Mathematics, to Software programming, Quantum Reality, Finance, Physics, Data Science, Psychology, Music, Machine Learning and AI, Chemistry, Sociology, Economics, Art, Mechanics, and many more. I am most interested in understanding the true nature of reality.

As a result, you should expect my research papers, industry solutions, podcasts, videos, quantum software libraries to be expressions of the unification of all my experiences and understanding of reality. This is my story as a contribution and solution to the society.
Lastly, after waiting so long for the perfect moments and failing every time, I realized I was a deluded perfectionist. Practice makes perfect, there is no waiting for the perfect moment. So I decided to make this first audio(a practice test) available and hopefully get better and make more quality presentations, quantum software libraries for all the great Data Scientists, Mathematicians, Quantum Physicists, Programmers, Executives, Technologists, and Machine Learning Engineers out there.
I am not perfect. I am still learning. Bearing this in mind, I hope you all enjoy it. Your supports and feedbacks will be very very much appreciated.
Disclaimer: I don’t know everything. Life is a journey of becoming through mistakes, learning, and deep emotional and artistic expression of the self.
Corrections: RGB* not RGY/RGBY.

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