Although Nigerians don’t value physicists or scientists in general, if I was reborn again, I’ll choose to follow the path of Physics and Mathematics any time and any day. The best decision I made in this lifetime.

Africa, with all its sacred knowledge, don’t truly ask the meaning of life or put effort in finding the answers to such question. Many of its minds is locked in poverty, religion, and the marks left behind by its colonization. As a result, its riches(the mind of its people) has been stagnated. Poverty, insanity, and irrational thinking and behavior has become the norm.

In other for there to be growth, such economy needs to revive the energy that lies in the mind of those who strive to understand the meaning in life, and empower its truth seekers and wealth-creators. However, the damage left my its colonization has eaten deep into the mind of its habitant. Our problem is not poverty but post-colonial mentality, a form of mass insanity.  Since one can not rely in any external body as a source of energy(physical or mental), one needs to be self-sufficient in its energy.

The growth of such economy won’t happen before the mind of the people beats poverty. The individuals needs to beat the Post Colonial

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