Quantum Computing & Information

Software Library

We provide opensource Process Agnostic Quantum-Classical(hybrid) Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (PAQCDA) software library to build hardware independent solutions in preparation for and to take advantage of the promises of the data science, artificial intelligence, and quantum technology revolutions.

Education Resources

We provide education resources focused on applied natural/data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and quantum consciousness for our learners and companies. Our fiction story series(Anime/Comic) on these emerging technologies is also available for audience of all age bracket & interest.

Solutions, Consulting, & Agency

Hire our team & community to help you build your technologies. We render corporate level consulting services and solution services involving web/mobile software design and development, data science, artificial intelligence, quantum, use of customer or audience data for strategic optimal engagement, business decision making, and marketing campaigns. 

STEM Community

We aim to build Quantum STEM, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence talents and transform the industry by harnessing the power and speed of quantum computing and quantum technologies. You can join the movement and sign-up on our community platform if you are a learner, developer, engineer, teacher, or consultant in any of our focus fields.

Commercializing Quantum, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence